Uttarakhand Approved Travel Agent

Uttarakhand Approved Travel AgentRig Veda, the most ancient of the scriptures says, ‘there is no happiness for him who does not travel. The fortune of him who is sitting sits, it rises when he rises, it sleeps when he sleeps, it moves when he moves.
Therefore, Wander!’

About Uttarakhand major portion of human history has been created by travels - treatises and historical accounts are filled with stories of men who travelled to conquer, to convert, to trade, to plunder and most importantly to quench their curiosity. Every mountain and ocean stimulated human curiosity to see and know beyond the mundane. This unremitting beckoning upset his sleep and logic but invigorated his fancy. The obsession for the unknown was an indivisible element of that fancy. And men, as always, have been known to live and die for their fancies.

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