Ranikhet and Kausani places to visit

March 16, 2020
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Uttarakhand is a north Indian state with huge numbers of Hindu temples. The most desired Chardham Yatra temples are located in the state of Uttarakhand. Sitting on the lap of the great Himalayas, Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful states of India. Uttarakhand is blessed with huge white snowy mountains, roaring rivers of Himalayan glaciers, green dense forests, and wildlife sanctuaries. Not only pilgrimage but Uttarakhand is also known for fun and adventurous activities. Even offbeat places like- Chopta, Malari, Ranikhet and Kausani are well known to spend time in peace. People from any corner of the country, and people from abroad come every year to Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand is a place where people of all ages can enjoy themselves. Different purposes, but the destination is the same. ‘Devbhumi’ Uttarakhand, was formed in the year 2000 after being separated from the huge state of Uttar Pradesh. Away from the noisy, polluted locality, Uttarakhand is a perfect destination to refresh the mind. But, only for weekend trips Ranikhet and Kausani are better, because of the weather and atmosphere of these places. You also get snowfall in winter.


Located in the Almora district, Ranikhet city is the headquarters of the Kumaon Regiment of the
Indian Army. In the middle of the mountains, such land at a height of 1829 meters is ideal for seeking complete relaxation and complete revitalization. There is a Kumaon Regimental Center Museum to exhibit the glorious moments of the army and the arms used by them.

Ranikhet, a hill station city is rich in oak, pine, cedar, and Cyprus. The city is perching at an altitude of 1829m. Nainital is 60 mtr away from here. The attraction theme of Ranikhet is the scenery of the giant Himalayas. Ranikhet tells a story of a queen of ancient times. Queen Padmini, was mesmerized by the beauty of the Himalayas and began living here. King Sudhardev won the heart of his queen rani Padmini, owned the place for her and named it as Ranikhet. Apple gardens, peach, chestnut, and almond gardens of Chaubatia (10km away from Ranikhet) are also the wondering spot to the people of plains and coasts. Chaubatia also has beautiful flower meadows that enchant the beauty of the place. There also have apple orchards and analysis centres for the govt. of Uttarakhand. it is the home to almost one hundred fifty species of apples. From here, the images of Ranikhet at the hours of the night are lovely.

The Bhalu Dam is not so far from here (3km). Sitlakhet, near Ranikhet city, is a point to view at dawn and dusk. Ranikhet gets very chilly in winter and goes to moderate in summer, and is enjoyed from March to Oct. The winter months of Ranikhet are in the main snowed in a Gregorian calendar month, Gregorian calendar month and Gregorian calendar month however the weather in Ranikhet is pleasant throughout the remaining months.

Places have to see at Ranikhet and Kausani

Army Museum

Kumaon and the Naga Regiment of the Indian Army maintain the museum. It shows the stories of glorious heroic battles of the local army and the revolution of the arms.


Locals say in the thick jungle near the temple was once filled with wild animals, leopards and tigers. And they often attacked Local people. Villagers prayed for protection at Ma Durga and in a dream, she suggested establishing her idol. The place has a tranquil atmosphere and a feeling of spiritual peace.


The previously told location is also a tourist location of Ranikhet. It also offers a panoramic view of the snow-capped Himalayas, with a variety of Himalayan plants. People also can buy pure honey from here.


Kausani is a small hilly village. Located near the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand. It is famous for its natural beauty and this hill station gives a 300 km wide panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks like Trishul, Nanda Devi and Panch-chuli. Mahatma Gandhi once called this place ‘Switzerland of India’ driven by its beauty, during his short stay in the village. People can enjoy beautiful views of the Himalayas from almost anywhere in this quiet village. Trekking can be done in various places around Kausani. Almost all hotels face the Nanda Devi range and one can sit and enjoy the view with a coffee/tea sip. Nature lovers can also visit the Kausani tea gardens and are pleased to witness its magnificent tea garden spread over a huge area. One of the most common trek routes in Kausani are
Adi Kailash Trek, Base Kausani Trek and Bageshwar – Sundardhunda Trek.

Have a visit to these places-


In Kausani, it is a natural waterfall. Pine trees and greenery are surrounding it. To reach this place you have to cover 12km.


It is a 5km trekking trail to reach a temple. At the top, the temple of Pinath, dedicated to Lord Bhairan, You cannot admire its attractive structure.


Kausani Tea Estate is a tourist location that calls for both tea and nature lovers. Kausani Tea Estate produces exceptional quality tea leaves. And that is even exported to the countries such as Australia, Germany, Korea and the US as the most popular of other North American tea products. And there are some local Maths like- Anasakti Ashram, Lakshmi Ashram, Gandhi Ashram, etc. for religious people.

We are planning a weekend trip to these Himalayan beautiful tiny cities Ranikhet and Kausani. Our trip schedule looks like this-

First, we will reach Nainital on the 1st and 2nd days. Reaching Nainital in the morning we’ll check in at the hotel and after some time will set out for exploring the locals. Will get back to the hotel in the evening for a night’s stay.

On the 3rd day, after having breakfast we will go out sightseeing. Reaching the hotel in the evening, we will visit the malls to buy stuff.

4th day, we will start for Kausani from Nainital. It will take 4 hrs to 5 hrs. Seeing the local visiting spots we will check in at the hotel in the evening.

On the 5th day, we’ll reach Ranikhet. In the afternoon after lunch will go to see the fruit and flower gardens and meadows.

6th day will see the rest of the Ranikhet and will get back to Nainital again in the evening.

Though it is a trip of 7-8 days, still we call it a weekend trip because in seven days it is just impossible to complete the whole trip to any region of Uttarakhand.

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