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Tour itinerary package.

duration: 3 days and 2 nights

Day 1:

Visit the Triveni Ghat for a dip in the holy waters of the Ganges.

Explore the Laxman Jhula, an iconic suspension bridge over the river Ganges.

Visit the Beatles Ashram and explore the graffiti and artwork inside.

Relax at one of the many cafes in this area.

Day 2:

Visit the Rajaji National Park for a wildlife safari and bird-watching experience.

Trek to the Neer and enjoy the scenic beauty of the area.

Explore the ancient temples of Rishikesh, such as the Parmarth Niketan and the Shatrughan Temple.

Day 3:

Attend a yoga or meditation session at one of the many ashrams in the area.

Take a rafting trip down the Ganges and enjoy the thrilling experience.

Visit the Swarg Ashram and the Gita Bhawan for a spiritual experience.

These are just a few suggestions, and there are many other activities and attractions that you can explore during your 3-day tour of Rishikesh. It is advisable to plan your itinerary and check the weather conditions before making any bookings.


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