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Hemkund Sahib tour guide

Hire Hemkund Sahib Tour Guide from Haridwar to Explore The Region’s Piousness

Uttarakhand is a popular Hindu pilgrimage and tourist spot. This is a fact known to us all. The beautiful state is equipped with some mesmerizing beauties and amazing landscape that attracts people from all across the world, every year. However, it is not correct to consider this place as only the pilgrimage for the Shiv and Vishnu devotees. It is also the home of a popular Sikh pilgrimage, Hemkund Sahib.

If you are planning your trip to this auspicious and sacred place, you ought to reserve a Hemkund Sahib Tour Guide from Haridwar to know the place well. For your comfort and ease, this has been made easily available to you by Dada Boudir Tour and Travels.

The Henkund Sahib is a popular Hindu and Sikh pilgrimage that receives tourists from all around the globe. For enjoying the beauty of the region and trek around it, book your Henkund Sahib Tour guide from Haridwar today and enjoy the yatra peacefully.

Every year lakhs of pilgrims make their journey to this place to pay homage to Guru Gobind Singh and soak in the beautiful mountain scenery.

Located amidst the snow-capped mountain peaks, and lying beside the lake of pristine blue water, this Sikh Shrine is known for its peaceful environment and unbelievable beauty. The star-shaped Gurudwara is situated at a height of 4000 mt and is considered a memorial to Guru Gobind Singh and a physical reminder of his missions.


The rich history of this region is unparalleled and not known to all, for which our Hemkund Sahib Tour Guide from Haridwar becomes an imperative service for all. Hemkund Sahib finds its mention in the autobiography of Guru Gobind Singh, known as Bachitra Natak.

But the history of the place goes even beyond that. It is believed that the place exist since the time of Ramayan. And if we believe the folklore, Hemkund Sahib had a special place and affection in the hearts of Lakshman. The Hindu scriptures also establish the connection of this beautiful place with Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

With Guru Gobind Singh’s autobiography, people came to know about this place much more and it filled the spiritual gap that they experienced. It is believed that the spiritual life of a person remains incomplete if he doesn’t pay a visit to this pilgrimage, once in his lifetime!

Hire your Hemkund Sahib Tour Guide from Haridwar with the best travel agency in Uttarakhand and make your trip to this serene place a memorable one for yourself!

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